The Great Bike Ride

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let the training begin...

True to my word, now that I'm back and located in one place for longer than a couple of days, my training has begun in earnest!

I spent part of the long weekend getting back into my riding - making my way from Melbourne to Frankston... and back again on Sunday. A grand total of 85km, only about 20km short of the average daily distance I'll be covering in Iowa. Which is a good thing - it was a tough 85km and it took me a couple of days to recover!

But I have quite a few more rides planned so I'm confident that it will get easier. This is just the beginning - by the time I get to the States I'll be doing double the distance with ease (I hope!). Of course the odd massage to aid my recovery can only help (mandatory, in fact - I'm treating myself to one today!).

For those of you bike enthusiasts out there, just thought I'd let you know that my vehicle of choice is a 2009 Time. Although I'm eyeing off the 2010 model at the moment - very sharp!

I am also delighted to let you know that my tally so far stands at over $25,000. Thanks to all of you for your support... emotional, physical and financial!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Only seven weeks to go....

... And my training isn't quite what I'd hoped it to be! I have been travelling around the world with work which hasn't left me much time for training. I'm back at home this weekend and have planned a tough training regimen to make up for lost time - don't want to let down all my loyal supporters! FFI have been keeping me in the loop and thanks to your support I've already raised over $5,000! That's a brilliant start and I'm determined to keep that tally moving up. I was also highly amused to see that I rated a mention in AFR's Rear Window - my 15 minutes of fame! And for the record, the state troopers are the least of my concerns.