The Great Bike Ride

Monday, July 5, 2010

Not too long to go....

First, for the good news. In this short space of time, I'm already half way to reaching my $70,000 target for FFI. Thanks to all of you who have navigated the web site and made a contribution.

Now, for the bad news. With only 3 weeks to go, somehow I've managed to contract a mild dose of pneumonia - not exactly what I need as I try to build up my endurance and my lung capacity. Nevertheless, I have persevered with the training, just less regularly than I would like. Since I last wrote I've managed to get in a few rides to and from Frankston with the Luna Park Riders (care of Simon Moore and other NAB colleagues), during which time I've developed a new dislike of head winds! Despite the pneumonia, each time I am recovering a little better and a little quicker than the previous ride. Doesn't make the first day in Iowa (63 miles) any less daunting.

There has also been a development in my co-riders. Tim, my son, was training even less than me and so has officially been substituted by his mother, who has been cycling more than both of us! This fact alone should help reignite my competitive spirit.

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